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Welcome to Academic Advising Services

Academic advisors can help students with the following questions and inquiries, such as:

  • Providing personalized academic advising
  • Developing academic plans and exploring program options
  • Clarifying program requirements
  • Exploring University Transfer programs and plans
  • Calculating GPA
  • Offering academic support strategies

Meet your Academic Advisor

Amanpreet Kaur

Academic Advisor

Sunny Dhanjal

Academic Advisor

How to Contact the Academic Advisor

In-person Drop In (On Campus)

Drop-in Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Frequently asked general questions can be answered in person at the Burnaby campus, at the Front desk area, E2.
However, for intensive one-on-one advising, we recommend students to book an appointment and meet with us on Zoom.

Online (ZOOM) Appointment

Sign into Academic Advising on WLC Online portal. For more information click here for instructions. Set up an account and login to book appointments. Students can book an appointment up to three weeks in advance.

Academic Advising is available on “7. ONLINE Academic Advising” from WLC Online portal

Do you have Questions? Check our FAQ

  • What is the difference between an Associate degree program and a University Transfer program?
    An Associate degree is a foundational undergraduate degree that consists of 60~ 64 credits, typically completed over a 2-year period. By completing the Associate degree, student is eligible to transfer to 4-year bachelor degree program at an eligible university.

    University transfer program allows students to explore their interests through first and second-year university courses that may assist students in transferring to a bachelor degree in eligible universities. If you are interested in university transfer, please consult an Academic Advisor for a study plan.

  • Which program (or specialization) should I choose?
    Each program has different requirements, and some programs have specific admission requirements that must be met. Therefore, you will need to talk to an academic advisor to discuss course planning.
  • Where can I find out more about each program, such as program requirements, curriculum, etc.?
    You can find more information about our program from this link.
  • I am interested in transferring to a university. What steps do I need to take?
    In order to gain admission to a university, transfer students must fulfill their targeted university’s admission/transfer requirements. In addition, students may also be required to fulfill specific requirements for certain faculties, departments, or schools. Please refer to this link for more information or meet with an academic advisor for your transfer plan.

  • What are the minimum requirements to transfer to another university?
    While it is best to check the minimum admission requirements for the university you wish to attend, many universities require 24 ~30 credits to be completed along with a minimum GPA of 2.00 or higher in order to be eligible to apply. However, please note that some universities may be more competitive, and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Students who wish to transfer to a university with competitive admission requirements are advised to meet with an academic advisor for more details.

  • I have transferred credits from an institution to Alexander College. How do my transfer credits apply to my degree?
    Once your transfer evaluation is complete, the approved credits will be indicated on your transcript. Depending on the course code and credits indicated on your transcript, it will apply to your program requirements accordingly. Please advised that courses taken outside of Alexander College may not exceed one-half (50%) of the total credit required for an associate degree and unassigned credits (e.g., 1XX or 2XX) may not exceed 25% of the total credit required.

  • I am under Academic warning/ Academic probation/ Academic suspension. What should I do?
    You will be notified by the Writing and Learning Centre and the Office of Registrar regarding any changes to your Academic standing. More information can be found at this link.

  • How can I improve my GPA? What is the difference between Term GPA, CGPA and program GPA?
    Term GPA: The total GPA for a single semester. Determines a student’s academic standing for the semester

    CGPA: Cumulative GPA: the total GPA value for all semesters combined. Both Term GPA and CGPA values are listed on the student’s permanent record.

    Program GPA: Program GPA is the grade points earned divided by the number of credits attempted in courses required for the program student are pursuing. It does not include any failed course grade or the course grade that is not counted towards the program requirements. Program GPA is calculated by the Graduation officers to determine a student’s graduation eligibility. For more information, contact

  • How can I meet with an Academic Advisor?
    Academic advising offers both in-person and online (zoom) appointments. Simply visit us at Alexander College Burnaby campus front desk area, E2 desk, or book an appointment from WLC online.