As an educational institution providing academic preparation and university transfer courses recognized by other academic institutions, Alexander College is committed to maintaining the highest levels of academic integrity in all our courses. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of and comply with policies, procedures, and deadlines which are in effect at Alexander College. This information is printed in the Academic Calendar and other publications.

Academic Misconduct that is subject to penalty includes, but is not limited to: plagiarism, cheating, submitting the same, or substantially the same, essay, presentation, or assignment more than once, impersonating a candidate, submitting false records or information, falsifying or submitting false documents, attempting to engage in, or assisting others to engage in academic misconduct. For more information about how to avoid academic misconduct, consult the WLC, Librarians, or the Registrar’s Office.

Disciplinary measures that may be imposed, singly or in combination, for Academic Misconduct include: a letter of reprimand, notation of discipline on the student’s record, a failing grade or mark of zero in the course, suspension or cancellation of any scholarships, bursaries or prizes, suspension from the College for a specified or indefinite period of time, revocation of a degree or other academic credentials dishonestly or improperly obtained and/or expulsion from the College.

Questions regarding these matters may be directed to the student’s Instructor, the WLC, or the Office of the Registrar.

If you receive an Academic Alert notification from your Instructor, view the brief video below summarizing the process and your next steps.

Patty Plagiarizer

Paper-buying Barney

Cheating Charlie

Recycling Rona

Improper-access Annie

Data-faker Dan

Impersonating Imogene

Short-cut Shawn