Admission Requirements
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Admission Requirements

Alexander College provides admission to educational programs for the greatest range of students possible. Where appropriate however, access to programs and courses are restricted to students who satisfy established admission criteria at both general and program-specific levels.

General Admission Requirements

  • All programs require evidence of English language proficiency. Learn about the 12 different ways to satisfy the English proficiency requirement.
  • Completion of Secondary Education (12 years, or equivalent) or mature student status, or post-secondary transfer
  • Academic and/or GPA requirements specific to individual programs
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the English language
  • Canadian Citizenship or legal authorization to study in Canada
  • Aged at least 16+ years of age

Program-Specific Requirements

Associate of Arts
Associate of Arts (Business)
Associate of Arts (Economics)
Associate of Arts (Psychology)
Associate of Arts (Sociology)
Associate of Science
English as a Second Language Program
English for Academic Purposes

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Domestic Students

Learn about high school graduation equivalencies, or post-secondary transfer requirements, with British Columbia and the rest of Canada.

International Student Arrive in Canada

International Students

Learn about high school graduation equivalencies by country (outside of Canada)

Admission Policies

  • Application Deadlines

    Evaluation of an application begins when the Application for Admission form and all required supporting documentation have been submitted.

    Programs at Alexander College are considered to have open enrolment and applications are normally accepted until programs are full. Space permitting, new applications may be accepted for up to one week after classes begin. Some courses can fill quickly, and we encourage new students to submit applications as soon as possible in order to have the greatest course selection. Applicants should be aware that some courses can fill quickly. We encourage new students to register early in order to have the greatest selection of courses.

  • Student Selection
    Alexander College reserves the right to deny admission on the basis of overall academic record and to limit enrolment by selecting those who will be admitted from among qualified applicants.
  • Disclosure

    All applicants are required to submit a satisfactory amount of academic history, so that admissions can make a reasonable determination for admissibility. Failure to disclose academic history may result in one or more of the following:

    • Denial of the Application for Admission or dismissal from the institution
    • Change of academic standing (e.g. academic probation)
    • Denial of transfer credit for coursework completed prior to admission

    Applicants with questions about disclosure of academic history are encouraged to inquire with Admissions prior to submitting their Application for Admission.

  • International and Domestic Students

    Students who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or Convention refugees are classified as domestic students. Students who are dependents of diplomats or have their own diplomat status may also be classified as domestic students after presenting the necessary documentation. All other students are classified as international students.

  • Minor Student Admission

    Applicants who are 18 years of age or under, and who have not graduated from high school, may be admitted in the category of Minor Student. Minor students are eligible to enrol in non-credit coursework only. Applicants under 16 years of age are not admissible.

  • Mature Student (19 +) Admission

    Applicants who are 19 years of age or older, as of the first day of classes in a given term, may be admitted in the category of Mature Student. Mature students are exempt from the requirement to have completed secondary education, provided that they meet all other requirements and can provide academic transcripts for the highest level of education completed.

  • Provisional Admission

    Applicants to the College who provide academic transcripts indicating poor academic performance, according to the College’s 1.50 minimum academic standard, may be admitted on Provisional Admission. These students are admissible to the College on Academic Probation, and are subject to the conditions and restrictions of Academic Probation.

    Students admitted to the College on provisional admission and who receive a GPA greater than 1.50 after their first semester will be granted regular admission and continue under normal admission policy. Students who receive a GPA lower than 1.50 after their first semester will normally be suspended from the College.

  • Policy Exemptions

    Requests to exempt an applicant from an admissions or registration policy must be submitted by completing a Registration Request form, available from the Office of the Registrar. Supporting evidence (medical notes, course outlines, etc) must be attached.

  • Applicants with Disabilities

    Academically qualified applicants who have physical, sensory, or specific learning disabilities are encouraged to attend. We will ensure that applicants are not denied admission as a result of their disability and that, where appropriate, accommodation will be made with respect to admission criteria (see policy Accommodation for a Disability).


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