Student Refugee Program (SRP) Fee

World University Service Canada (WUSC) is a Canadian non-profit organization that empowers refugees by providing access to post-secondary education in Canada. Alexander College has partnered with WUSC and made a commitment to fully sponsor one student refugee for an entire year. The College will sponsor a new student refugee each year.

To assist in meeting the costs of the SRP program, the Alexander College Student Association (ACSA) recently approved a fee of $5 per term to be levied for all registered students, from Spring 2017 term onward. 100% of the funds collected will go directly toward the living expenses of the sponsored student, including housing, utilities, food, health coverage, clothing, etc. for one year. Alexander College will fund 100% of the remaining costs for tuition, books, and incidentals. In order to help each student refugee gradually and successfully transition to life in Canada, the College will continue to cover the costs of the tuition, books, and incidentals in the student’s second year.

Oversight of the SRP will be managed by the Student Refugee Program Local Committee, a group comprised of staff and faculty of the College, as well as ACSA representatives. This group will be responsible for managing funds and ensuring that sufficient supports are in place for the student from pre-arrival planning through the completion of their studies here at Alexander College.

For as little as the cost of one coffee per term, you are helping to transform the life of one who needs it most. For more information about the SRP and for other ways you can help with these efforts worldwide, please visit: