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A Brief Guide to Scholarships at AC: How to Receive Them and More

Written by Alexander College in School News on August 11, 2023

Did you know that every student enrolled at Alexander College is able to receive scholarships? A scholarship is a form of financial assistance for students, much like grants and bursaries.

Unlike other forms of financial assistance like student loans, scholarships do not require students to pay back the amount granted. This is very good to keep in mind if you don’t want to worry about repaying the amount in the future.

Now that you’re familiar with what scholarships are, you may be asking, “How do I obtain a scholarship?” Many scholarships are based on academic excellence, meaning students are more likely to receive scholarships if they do well in their classes.

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For those worried that their grades are not high enough to receive a scholarship, there are also scholarships that do not look at academic performance and instead look at life experiences and other such metrics through tests and essay submissions.

Alexander College also offers scholarships for students who are of Indigenous ancestry, such as First Nations, Inuit, and Métis.

This blog post will go through a few categories of scholarships available to students at Alexander College so you’ll have an idea of what options are open to you. We also talked to previous scholarship recipients for their insight on how they achieved academic excellence in a separate post.

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Internal Scholarships

Every major semester at Alexander College (Spring, Fall, Winter), students are nominated based on academic excellence in various subjects. Each semester has its own rotation of subjects that students can receive a scholarship in.

The recipients are decided by instructors who nominate students based on outstanding achievement in their respective subjects, so students don’t need to apply. The recipients of this scholarship receive $1,200 CAD to be used towards tuition fees at Alexander College.

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External Scholarships

Many organizations and companies provide scholarships for students. Unlike internal scholarships, external scholarships tend not to look at grades due to the different grading scales post-secondary institutions use.

While some still require a nomination from the school or the faculty from the school, many scholarships ask for essay submissions. External scholarships are great for students who are talented at writing or if they have a breadth of experiences to draw upon for various essay prompts.

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Indigenous Scholarships

Indigenous scholarships are another form of internal scholarship, but they are only available to students who are of Indigenous ancestry. Students who are eligible for this scholarship can submit an application form before the deadline in order to be considered.

The recipients of this scholarship will receive 60 credits worth of courses at Alexander College and the textbooks required for each class.

Scholarships are a great way to fund your education, especially if you do well in your studies. Even if studies are not your strong point, there are many scholarships out there that look for students with qualities that may not be reflected in their studies.

There’s many options out there to consider and staff at Alexander College are here to help along the way!

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