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Basic Phrases to Learn Languages with Our Students

Basic Phrases to Learn Languages with Our Students

Written by Alexander College in Lifestyle, Vancouver on February 25, 2021

Last Updated: May 17, 2023

If you’re a new or international student just coming to Alexander College for the first time, we have a multitude of cultures and experiences that our students have shared with us.

One of the best ways to get to know another is by culture sharing with food being a prime example.

There is a lot of history behind food and our Alexander College students have shared so many of their stories when it comes to food from their countries.

If you’ve ever been curious about why Korean rice cakes are eaten during new years or why matcha is so prevalent in Japanese culture then take a look at our AC Lifestyle videos featuring international food in Vancouver!

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learning turkish
Curious about travelling to Turkey one day? Frank teaches some common and useful phrases in Turkish!
learning portuguese
In this episode, Manu shares how to introduce yourself and say your name in Portuguese!
learning farsi
Kimiya helps us learn some common Farsi phrases such as saying thank you or wishing someone well!
learning spanish
Ever wonder how to introduce yourself in Spanish? Laura helps us out with some Spanish phrases!
learning korean
If you’re a fan of Kpop or Korean dramas, Yoon visits to teach us some beginner phrases in Korean!
learning chinese
Wondering how to introduce yourself to your Chinese friends? Mark helps us out with some basic Chinese!
learning punjabi
Just met a new friend who speaks Punjabi? Param teaches one of our staff some great phrases to use!
learning tagalog
Want to learn some Tagalog? Prince teaches us some basic words and phrases!
learning japanese
Want to visit Japan? Emma teaches us some common Japanese words and phrases!
learning italian
Gabriel teaches us some useful Italian phrases for anyone thinking of travelling to Italy or Europe in general!

Learning Turkish

One of the most interesting facts about Turkey is that Istanbul spans both the continent of Europe and Asia! With only a simple walk, you’ll be able to cross between both continents.

If you’re looking to one day visit as a tourist, have a listen to some useful phrases as taught by our AC student Frank!

Learning Portuguese

Whether you’re thinking of travelling to Portugal or Brazil, it would definitely be beneficial to learn some basic Portuguese!

We had the pleasure of getting to learn some common phrases in Portuguese from our amazing student Manu!

Learning Farsi

As one of the world’s oldest languages, Farsi is spoken in Iran as well as in several other Middle Eastern countries!

Learn alongside our student Kimiya as she teaches some basic and useful phrases in Farsi!

Learning Spanish

As the languge of numerous Latin-American countries as well as taught in many American schools, Spanish is a great addition to any language skills!

Our student Laura goes over phrases such as introducing your name and wishing others will in this episode of AC Exchange!

Learning Korean

With the rise of Kpop and Korean dramas, we figured it would be a lot of fun to learn Korean at AC!

Join our student Yoon as she covers introductions and pronunciation tips for those interested in learning Korean!

Learning Chinese

As one of the most commonly used languages to this date, Chinese has a long and rich history built into its language.

For those that want to learn, our student Mark drops in to teach us how different tones in the language can change the meaning and which phrases you should know!

Learning Punjabi

In Canada, Punjabi is the 4th most common language spoken after English, French and Mandarin.

If you’ve ever wanted to try learning the language for yourself, we reccommend following along with Param as he teaches some beginner phrases and pronunciation in Punjabi!

Learning Tagalog

As a second language spoken by the majority of people living in the Philippines and the standardized form being one of two official languages spoken there, Tagalog is a must-know for anyone interested in languages!

For those that are interested, Prince goes over some basic words and phrases in our latest episode of AC Exchange!

Learning Japanese

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Japan is one country that many people want to visit in their lives.

Follow along with Emma as she teaches us basic Japanese words and phrases that will help you make a strong first impression!

Learning Italian

Did you know Italian is spoken as a major official language in four different countries? Italian is a great language to learn for anyone wanting to visit Europe!

If you ever wanted to learn a bit of Italian, Gabriel is here to teach us some basic Italian phrases!

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