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Embracing Change & Living Independently with Elisa

Written by Alexander College in Student Spotlight on June 12, 2019

In our newest spotlight, we meet Elisa from Africa. He is a current Alexander College student who has recently come to Canada!

Living an Independent Life

Elisa shares that not only is it his first time in Canada, but also his first time uprooting by himself to another country without his family. He refers to it as ‘living a fully independent life’ and one that is filled with rewarding challenges.

Student Playing Soccer with Friends
Students Learning Chemistry in a Laboratory Environment

An Interest in Psychology + Soccer

Elisa shares his interest in understanding human behaviour and wants to major in Social Psychology.

When not studying, he shares his love for playing soccer and is currently part of a local team.

“Just accept and take responsibilites for your own life and embrace the change you want to make! “

He hopes new students embrace facing new adventures and have confidence when trying out new experiences!


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