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Final Exams – Tips & Tricks

Written by Library in Library Blog on November 30, 2021

Final Exams – Tips & Tricks

Final exams are fast approaching! Take a look at the below blog post for some tips & tricks for preparing for final exams (and dealing with all that final exam stress!).

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Student ID Cards

All Alexander College students will need either a virtual or physical ID card for their final exams this semester. Make sure your are prepared before final exams begin!

If your course has a virtual exam, you will need your virtual student ID set up on your myAC profile. In order to do this, you will need to complete the “AC Student ID Photo” canvas course. For this course, we require you to upload one photo of yourself from shoulders up with a plain white background and one piece of government-issued photo ID (for example, passport, BCID, BC driver’s license, or permanent residency card). Once both items are uploaded to the Canvas course, your ID will get approved, and your photo will be uploaded to your myAC profile. Your submissions will need to be reviewed by a library staff member, therefore, please leave 1-3 business days for your submissions to be processed.

If your course has an in-person exam, you will need a physical student ID card. In order to receive your physical student ID card, you will need to come to the Alexander College Library at the Burnaby Campus. You will need to bring one piece of government-issued photo ID (passport, BCID, BC driver’s license, or permanent residency card). We will need to see the physical piece of government-issued photo ID and not a picture of it displayed on your phone or computer. For more information, click here to go to the Student ID Card page on the library website. If you have any questions about your virtual or physical student ID, you can email

Library Services for Final Exams

Alexander College Library has an abundance of resources that can help students during their final exams. In addition to using physical library space for studying, students can use the following resources:

Articles and Databases
The Articles and Databases section of the library website can be used to find academic articles for your courses. We also have Database Help Guides for each database with instructions and tips on how to use them.

Study Rooms
Students can book study room L281 or L282 for studying or group projects. These study rooms are in the library space and allow students to have a quiet space of their own to do homework or study.

The library has 12 desktop computers and 17 laptops which can be used for studying and final assignments. The laptops can be borrowed for 4 hours at a time, and you will need your student ID card in order to borrow a laptop. The computers and laptops cannot be used for Zoom final exams.

Health and Wellness Collection
Are you feeling stressed during the exam period? The library has a Health and Wellness section available at the library with books about managing stress and anxiety. The library also has books about test-preparation and studying to help you with your studies.

Books about studying and test preparation:

Books about stress and school:

After Final Exams

After your final exams and assignments are completed, the library has a lot of great resources for you to use to unwind and relax before the next semester begins.

Video Games:
The student den on campus has a PlayStation 5 and an Xbox One which students can use. The library has video games for both consoles, in addition to PS4 and Xbox 360 games. Students can either use the video games on campus or they can take them home. Some of the video games we have in our collections include FIFA, Far Cry 6, Call of Duty, and many more.

Board Games:
The library has a selection of board games which can be used on campus, or they can be taken home for up to 7 days. Some of the board games that we have are Codenames, Throw Throw Burrito, What Do You Meme? And many more.

Movies and Co-Curricular Books:
In addition to video games and board games, the library has a collection of movies and leisure reading books. We have popular movies available such as The Avengers, Interstellar, and Moonlight. For books, we have many titles in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Romance as well as graphic novels and manga.

AC Library wishes you all the best with your final exams!

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