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Spicy Noodle Challenge, Candy Taste Test and More | Fun at AC

Written by Alexander College in Student Life on March 26, 2021

At Alexander College, we always enjoy getting to know our students through some fun challenges or activities.

When not studying, we’ve put our students to the test with the spicy noodle challenge, candy taste tests as well as hosted our own Alexander College version of the Amazing Race!

You can also check out our YouTube channel to view several other fun videos we’ve done in the past as part of our AC Originals series. Keep an eye out for new videos that we’ll be posting here or contact us if you’d like to get involved in one of our videos!

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Introducing our amazing student association called ACSA! Leach what each member’s position and special responsibility is!

spicy noodle challenge
We put our staff and students to the test with how well they can handle their spice! What rating out of 10 would they give upon first tasting?

candy taste test challenge
For Halloween, our staff and students try out different candies and treats! From white rabbit candies to pop rocks, find out which ranks as the favourite!

spicy noodle challenge 2
Another round of the spicy noodle challenge but this time with twice the spice! If you’ve enjoyed the first video, you’ll definitely love their reactions this time.

valentine's challenge
From Super Mario to Captain America, which fictional character will our students choose to be their Valentine’s?

ac amazing race
Testing our AC staff with challenges hidden around Vancouver with our own version of the Amazing Race! Find out which team will be crowned the winner at the finish line!

ACSA – Alexander College’s Mightiest Heroes

To all our new AC Superheroes, welcome! And to all our returning heroes, welcome back!

Get to know the roles of our student association with a fun superhero styled video we made!

Students Try the Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

Have you ever wondered how well our staff and students can handle spice?

Our AC students and staff take on the popular Korean Spicy Noodle/Fire Noodle Challenge!

Students Try The Candy Taste-Test Challenge

To celebrate this Halloween, we put several of our students and staff through the Halloween Candy Taste-Test challenge!

Watch as they try out a variety of unique candies such as white rabbit, choconut and cola balls!

Students Try the Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge x2

Our AC students are back again with another Spicy Noodle Challenge that’s twice as hot compared to last time!

Find out how much spiciness our students can handle this time as they give their thoughts and ratings for this challenge!

Choose Your Valentine’s – Pass or Heart

In celebration for Valentine’s Day, we had our staff and students choose which fictional character they would have as their Valentine’s.

Which fictional character would recieve either a heart, emoji face or thumbs down from our students?

Alexander College Amazing Race

During the summer we hosted yet another AC Amazing Race around Downtown Vancouver!

We had so much fun with all of our staff members and congratulations again to the winning team! See you in the next race!

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