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5 Easy Tips to Go Green in College

5 Easy Tips to Go Green in College

Written by Alexander College in School News on March 28, 2019

Why should college campuses go green? At Alexander College, we strive to do our part in being environmentally conscious and to practice sustainability. There are a variety of ways that students can practice going green in college and it’s not only limited to recycling!

Here are 5 easy tips that you can do to‘go green’ in college:

Use public transportation to go to college

Public transit in Vancouver is for the most part, very efficient. When you reduce the frequency of driving your vehicle, you not only save on transportation and gas costs, but it reduces the carbon emissions from your vehicle.

Other alternatives would be carpooling to school. This can all help to improve the air quality of where we live.

Participate in Sustainability Initiatives on Campus

The Alexander College Green Committee regularly organizes a variety of ‘Go Green’ events and initiatives on campus! Among some of the events that have been hosted include the ‘Grow Your Own Plant’ and ‘Beach Clean Ups’.

Involve yourselves in the AC campus events and meet like-minded individuals at the same time!

Green recycling bins with cardboard stacked on top
Sun peaking through green trees in the forest

Recycle your waste in college and at home

Recycling your waste is a habit that we should all practice towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. At Alexander College, we have multiple recycling bins and information that students can access in order to make informed recycling decisions.

By recycling our waste and by purchasing recyclable material, we are doing our part to reduce landfill.

Don’t know how to recycle? No worries! Watch our special AC Green Committee Recycling video:

Make environmentally conscious choices in your everyday  routine

A huge part of being environmentally friendly is by being well informed. One way to make an informed decision is by being aware and making greener choices everyday:
Some ways to do that is by:

  • Grocery shopping with recyclable bags
  • Bring a metal straw and/or your own mug for coffee
  • Be sure to turn your kitchen food waste into compost
  • Plant your own food such as cucumbers, cilantro etc.
Alexander College Green committee cleaning up the local park
Students separating and recycling items into the correct bins

Join the AC Green Committee

Play an active role in changing the landscape of going green on campus by joining a club that is about sustainability and the environment!

Here at Alexander College, we have the AC Green Committee that strives to engage students to live greener lives! They run weekly meetings between staff and students and would love more student representatives and volunteers!

Interested in joining the AC Green Committee? Contact Olivia at

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