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Limited Term COVID Accommodation

Written by Alexander College in School News on February 17, 2022

Students who receive positive COVID-19 results should self-report (via staff, faculty, or directly) to Student Advocacy. A Student Advocacy Officer, after having received a student’s positive test result, will notify the affected student and their instructors about the support services that are available to the student during these challenging times. A short-term accommodation plan will be created that is meant to help the student to not fall behind with their studies. Support services will be available in the form of assignment / quiz / exam deferral and attendance waiver for 10 calendar days following the receipt of the positive test results.

If a student experiences long-term effects of COVID-19 beyond the aforementioned time frame, the student will be advised to consult their doctor for recommendations for a long-term accommodation plan.

To self-report or for questions please contact

Important: Intentionally false claims of COVID-19 are met with behavioural misconduct measures AND a zero on any assignment that a student attempted to receive privileges for.

We can create an accommodation plan to support you through these challenging times. Please make yourself aware of different support services and policy exceptions that are available to you:  

To make sure you receive the necessary support in a timely manner, please follow the links and download the respective forms. If you have additional supporting evidence, please submit them together with the forms to the Office of Student Advocacy email address:

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