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Building Your Way to Success with Daniel Feltrin

Written by Alexander College in Student Spotlight on October 23, 2019

In our newest spotlight feature, we reconnect with Daniel Feltrin who was our Spring 2019 AC Valedictorian!

An Interest in Arts and Music

Daniel is originally from Brazil and moved to Vancouver to study at Alexander College. Having graduated with an Associates of Arts at AC, Daniel also has a Music degree from Sao Paolo. Daniel shares his passion for music and hopes to get back into teaching music again.

His Experience at AC

AC gave me different options for my Associates and I felt comfortable dealing with Josh (Enrolment Advisor) because he knew how to guide me in the best way possible!” – Daniel

Student Looking for Books inside the Library at Alexander College
Learning Chemistry inside the Science Lab

Being a Student Worker at AC

Daniel shares his experience as a student worker at AC. He shares how he learned so much from staff and students, and loved the environment at the school. Having been a student worker led Daniel to learn more about other cultures as well.

Advice for New Students

Daniel shares some advice for new students such as the importance of learning about your community and start building your way to success.

He asks students not to stick to just one thing but keep learning because you never know what you’d use again in the future!


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