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Working towards a Career in Sports with Arash

Written by Alexander College in Student Spotlight on February 3, 2020

In our newest spotlight feature, we feature Arash Noor Singh, who also goes by ASP King!

Associate of Arts in Commerce

Arash is originally from Punjab, India and currently is in the Associate of Arts program for Commerce! He shares his love and passion for computers and technology.

Interest in a Professional Sports Career

Arash is the captain and assistant coach of the AC Explorers Basketball team and will soon be involving himself in the college soccer team as well. You can find more clubs and events at AC HERE.

AC is a very nice college where the teachers and staff are all friendly and motivate you to go further” – Arash

Indian Student Volunteering at Alenxader College
Student Playing Basketball After School for Fun

Love for Volunteering at AC

A student who is motivated and heavily involved on campus, Arash shares his love for volunteering at AC. His main area of volunteering involves student life and you can find out more about Student Life at AC HERE!


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