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New Student Orientation (A Day in the Life)

Written by Alexander College in Lifestyle on October 4, 2019

AC Student Vlogs is a new series that showcases who our students are and what life is like for them living in Vancouver, Canada!

In this vlog, Rajesh explores our very own Alexander College New Student Orientation! If you’re a new student to AC, check out the vlog and see how you can make the most out of your college experience!

Interested in becoming an AC Student Vlogger? We would love to have you!

What you’ll need:
✔️ Phone or personal camera

✔️Topic or Main Subject (We can also help give you topics!)
“Today I Prepared for my first Winter in Vancouver”
“I checked out the Vancouver’s Canucks for the first time”

✔️Guideline and ideas on what to Vlog:
What do you eat for breakfast? Any good places you’ve tried or best foods on the go?
Do you have any hobbies, sports or things you like to watch after classes?

Contact us at and we can work together on a plan to have your vlog posted on our channel!

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