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The Secret to Academic Success | Interviewing Winter 2023 Award Winners

Written by Alexander College in School News on July 4, 2023

Every major semester (Fall, Spring, Winter) Alexander College awards students scholarships for academic excellence in various subjects. We sat down with the students who were awarded scholarships in various subjects for the 2023 Winter term and asked them a few questions about their thoughts on being awarded the scholarship, tips for academic success, and more.

Here’s what the award winners had to say:

*Some quotes have been edited for brevity and clarity.

“What are your thoughts and feelings about being awarded a scholarship?”

Satwant, Communications Scholarship winner: I am very grateful for the scholarship. I had good academic achievements in my home country and I wanted to do the same in Canada.

When I got the mail saying I’m the recipient of the scholarship, I had a sense of achievement that continues to motivate me to do even better in the future.

picture of Satwant
Satwant, Communications Scholarship winner

Mannan, Commerce Scholarship winner: It was an amazing feeling when I got to know that I’m winning this scholarship because I just didn’t think that I will win it. I was really excited and then I texted my sister that I did it and she was really happy.

Jaspreet, Chemistry Scholarship winner: First of all, I’m feeling very glad that I received this scholarship because it will help me in my finances.

Francel, EAP Scholarship winner: I’m just surprised.

My professor said, “Oh, you’re on,”-what did he call it-“on the list of the scholarship.” Then he said, “Maybe you’re gonna get it because of your achievement in my class.”

Leandro, History Scholarship winner: I was very happy. I was not expecting that, so for me it was a very, very good moment.

picture of Leandro
Leandro, History Scholarship winner

“What’s your secret to success in succeeding in classes?”

Satwant: Attending every lecture, paying attention in class and of course, completing assignments well and on time all helped me to get good academic results.

Jaspreet: I give credit to my professor because he was very good and he used to communicate with me whenever I have any issue. He also used to give me extra information regarding that topic.

I also want to give to my parents credit because they were very supportive and they supported me financially as well as emotionally.

picture of Jaspreet
Jaspreet, Chemistry Scholarship winner

Mannan: I think that the secret to my success in classes was just by giving proper attention to the professors because I’m not one to study a lot after going home. So I just had one motive that I will always be attentive in my classes and do my assignments on time.

Leandro: My family. I think they help me a lot so I can focus on studies. My wife helps me all the time and she takes care, of the kids and then I have time to study.

Francel: I don’t have friends that are fluent in English, so I help them every time they get stuck with any problem they have. I also share my knowledge with them.

picture of Francel
Francel, EAP Scholarship winner

“What is some advice you would give to other students?”

Satwant: I know it is hard to balance work and studies, for international students especially, but just by attending classes regularly and doing assignments, any student to perform well in college. Learn to identify your priorities.

Lastly, professors are always willing to help, so if there is any problem with studies, it should be discussed with them.

Mannan: One piece of advice that I would like to give to other students would be that it’s important for you to know the options that you have.

When I came here, I knew that I would be applying for one of these scholarships. I planned it in such a way that I took two courses of commerce in that semester only so I can get nominated by two different professors at the same time.

picture of Mannan
Mannan, Commerce Scholarship winner

Jaspreet: The advice I want to give to other students is that they should focus on their studies and work hard. Alexander College is a very good college and we have WLC professors that help a lot.

Whenever you have any issues regarding any topic, you can go the WLC. I used to go there twice a month and they were very helpful to me.

Francel: Just study hard and concentrate on whatever the professor or the instructor tells us to do and then you can do anything!

Leandro: Just try your best and don’t wait to get something back, you know. I did everything for my family.

For me, I was not expecting anything back, like a reward. Like I was surprised I received this reward, but I think we have to do the best we can to improve our lives and to improve as a person.

The Web team at Alexander College would like to congratulate the award winners for their exceptional academic performance once again and wish them the best of luck on their future endeavors!

Winter 2023 scholarship winners

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