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The Importance of Social Media in College

Written by Alexander College in Lifestyle, Vancouver on April 27, 2023

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As an international student, being on your own in a foreign country can be terrifying. This is where the importance of social media comes in!

With smartphones being commonplace, being on social media is a great option for students in their freshman year! If this sounds strange, consider this: social media isn’t just about having fun and gaining followers, it’s also a great way to network!

Get the Latest School News

Aside from checking your email, social media is the best way to get the latest updates from your college. If you have ever wondered if campus is closed due to bad weather, or when an upcoming event is, social media is just one tap away!

At Alexander College, we do our best to keep students informed on what’s happening through our main social media channels, so rest assured, you can check social media for prompt alerts!

Connect with Fellow Students and Build Your Network

Making new connections can be difficult in a new country, but with social media, you can easily find people with the same hobbies, interests, or degree program as you! Students can build connections, especially now that learning has gone beyond classrooms. They can also find study buddies where they can discuss concepts and work on their assignments together.

Aside from that, this is the best time to build your LinkedIn page that will help you land your future job! Got a certificate? Post it on LinkedIn! Got achievements from your current class? Share it on LinkedIn! It’s okay to show off all your hard work!

Following your school on LinkedIn is a great way to find other people who are also enrolled in the same school! You may even be able to connect to alumni, who can give you valuable advice on how to succeed at school and your future career!

Express your Creativity

If you’re someone who enjoys being in front of the camera, sharing tips and tricks, or getting involved with photo and video shoots, social media is the right place for you!

Not only is social media good experience to add in your resume (camera skills, public speaking skills), it will also help improve your confidence. Have a special talent? Show it off! You never know what will happen!

We love encouraging our students to try their hand at new things in Canada and show off what they’ve learned. One of our students, Alejandra, decided to learn snowboarding and we couldn’t be prouder to show off her skills on our Instagram!

Showcasing our students is one of the things we love doing on social media so make sure to give us a follow and who knows? Maybe one day we will feature you on our page!

Stay in the Loop with the Alexander College Community

Along with our LinkedIn and Instagram, we are also active on YouTube and TikTok! Follow us on those platforms to get the latest content, focused on showcasing our very own students!

Lately, we’ve been quizzing our students on all kinds of knowledge, from flags, Canadian geography, movies, and more!

Check them out and see how much you know or impress your friends and family with what you’ve learned!

Social media is now one of the major forms of communication, especially for younger people. Making connections over social media and building up a network of friends and peers is a great way to settle into a new country and open doors to opportunities beyond your expectations.

Now, go online and make some unforgettable connections!

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