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Spring 2023 Convocation Recap: Celebrating the Graduates in Photos and Videos!

Written by Alexander College in Event on July 19, 2023

A huge congratulations to the graduates of Spring 2023! In case you missed it, we welcomed over 200 graduates onto the stage at Massey Theatre last week during our Spring 2023 Convocation and Awards Ceremony.

In addition to graduates, we also celebrated the achievements of our scholarship winners and our outstanding instructors who were nominated by our very own students.

convocation ceremony speakers

A Look Back on Convocation

For many, convocation is an unforgettable event in their academic journey. Convocation is the culmination of a student’s hard work along their academic journey and so the we made sure to immortalize that moment in photos!

graduate posing with balloons

We captured photos of every graduate at the ceremony so the graduates can share the memories with their friends and family!

award winning student

In addition, we also asked our graduates to look back and tell us what the biggest lesson they learned from college is and their favorite college memory. Find out what lessons they learned and more in our convocation series and stay tuned for more videos!

A Look Forward Towards the Future

After graduation, a question that naturally comes to mind is, “what’s next?” With an associate degree, the possibilities are endless.

The flexibility of an associate degree means students who wish to pursue education further can enter a four-year program with transferrable credits or they can enter the workforce directly and work towards permanent residency.

graduate student
graduate student holding a flower and degree

We asked our graduates what they wanted to do after graduation and surprisingly many students said both! The majority of graduates we interviewed have already started working while they plan to take their education to the next level at a university.

Congratulations to the graduates and award winners once again! We wish the graduates all the best in their future endeavors and we are excited to see what they will do!

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