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Student Spotlight – Video Games

Written by Library in Library Blog on April 13, 2022

Stressing out over exams is very common among students; it is that time of year! But Alexander College library has a solution for you to give your mind a break and have some fun with or without your friends. We provide different kinds of video games, from open world action adventure to simulation and sports in four different consoles (PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, XBOX360). Do you like role-playing campaign mode games? Or are you interested in playing solo and exploring game with high quality graphics and real life references? Try checking out GTA 5 or Far Cry series, where you can explore the outer world and experience things like driving luxury cars!

Image Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash

Are you interested in multiplayer games or do you want to compete with other players online (or even your friends)? If so, we recommend games like Call of Duty or Battlefield!

Or are you a sports enthusiast? If so, you can go for games like FIFA, ASHES, NHL or NBA as it lets you play and control your favorite sports teams or players! PlayStation or Xbox not only includes games but also gives you access to various media platforms for entertainment like Netflix, YouTube, etc. Alexander College encourages every one of their students to try a game of their favorite genre from wide collection of games we have. Students can search our catalogue for video games, or come to the campus Library to browse the collection (and use the College PS5!)

Students can also request games! Let us know what games you would like to borrow by filling out this short form!

Thank you to AC Library’s student worker for writing this blog post.

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