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On Taking Leadership and a Career in Marketing

Written by Alexander College in Student Spotlight on April 17, 2019

In our newest spotlight, we once again connect with Sung, an Alexander College graduate who is now studying at UBC!

Sung is currently a third year Marketing student at UBC and during her time at AC, played a very active role in the AC Student Association (ACSA).

The Role of Vice President in ACSA

She took the role of Vice President of ACSA and played a part in planning a variety of student events, clubs and was an active participant in AC Video content.

Currently, Sung shares about her experience taking various marketing courses and electives to become a better marketing candidate. She started this journey while at AC and now is also a member of the UBC Marketing Association.

Student Attending Alexander College Student Events
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Goals towards a Career in Marketing

Since as young as Grade 9, Sung shared her desire to become an advertising marketer. That goal steered her towards studying in Canada.

Sung shares an experience of hers while applying for a job in the advertising industry:

“I was able to confidently share that I have leadership skills because of my roles at Alexander College and they really loved it and said I was the person they were looking for”


In this video, Sung shares her advice for students in college, as well as the various factors that made her love her time at AC and helped propel her towards her career.


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