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Tips for Students Finding a Job in Today’s Current Economy

Written by Rebecca Spruston in Career, Student Life on March 26, 2020

Tips for Finding a Job in Today’s Current Economy

In today’s tough economy, and with the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, it’s hard for an ordinary job seeker to secure a job position. It is, therefore, essential to take extraordinary steps in searching for a job. The following information may help you with your job search journey by discussing the following:

8 useful tips for finding a job, 6 companies currently hiring, 4 work from home companies currently hiring, and 5 job search websites.

8 Useful Tips for finding a Job

1. Update your resume and cover letter

Highlighting your capabilities, accomplishments, and increasing your chances of getting hired.

2. Where can I get assistance with my cover letter and resume?

The Alexander College Writing and Learning Centre (WLC) is proud to be offering students the opportunity to get assistance with their cover letter and resume. Please make an appointment through their booking system: with one of the Math, Science or CPSC Specialists.

3. Create a LinkedIn Profile

Many employers, recruiters and hiring managers are looking for candidates through LinkedIn so it’s a great way to showcase your job profile online and also network with others. You can also use other social media platforms to enhance your job search.

4. Create as many networks as possible

Network with friends, classmates or old work colleagues and see if they may be aware of any job openings. They may also connect you with someone or a company they know is hiring.

Student looking for an online job
Create as many networks as possible


5. Do your research

When targeting a specific company for employment, try as much as possible to know its management and address them according to their department and name. It’s a lot more personable rather than blindly sticking to a general title such as “sir” or “madame”.

6. Follow up creatively after a job application

Contact the human resource director of any company that you apply for a job with either online or by phone call. This will draw attention to your application by showing initiative and intent.

Student researching for job
Follow up creatively after a job application


7. After an interview, make follow-ups

Follow up personally by email after an interview to thank the interviewer and reiterate why you would be a great fit for the position. This shows that you are different from any other ordinary job seeker.

8. Consider Temporary Work or Volunteering

It is advisable to consider temporary work without having to overlook it even if it means volunteering in a new relevant field to gain experience and exposure. Volunteering can often result in a job offer.

6 Companies Currently Hiring

1. Amazon:

2. Dollarama:

3. Providence Healthcare:

4. Save on Foods:

5. Walmart Canada:

6. Whole Foods Market:


4 Work from Home Companies Currently Hiring

1. CAUSEWORX Canada – TeleFundraising Representative

2. IPSOS – Market Research Interviewer (Metro Vancouver)

3.Lantern Academy Inc – Online Math Tutor

4. SYKES– Customer Service Representative- Work From Home in Canada

5. TTEC – Customer Service Representative – Work from Home – Canada


5 Job Search Websites

1. BC Jobs Search:

2. Eluta Job Search:

3. GlassDoor Job Search:

4. Indeed Job Search Canada:

5. LinkedIn Job Search:

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By Rebecca Spruston – Senior Student Life Officer

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