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Virtual Classes at Alexander College

Written by Alexander College in About AC on August 7, 2020

Alexander College’s classes are available virtually!

At this time (due to Covid-19), all face-to-face courses are currently being offered virtually. A virtual class is a course that is designed to be delivered face-to-face in a traditional classroom setting (e.g. instructor delivers lectures to class), but for safety or other reasons is temporarily being delivered virtually using video conferencing technology.

With a virtual class, the class still meets at a fixed class time and the instructor delivers the lecture and/or lab via videoconferencing.

By contrast, an online course is one that is specifically designed to be delivered online. There is no face-to-face component to an online course, and typically no instructor lecture.

Instead, students taking an online course learn by following along with the schedule of assigned weekly readings and by participating in discussion forums with their instructor and classmates. With an online class, there are no fixed class times.

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