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Virtual Sightseeing – Grouse Mountain

Written by Library in Library Blog on October 29, 2020

Welcome to AC Library’s virtual sightseeing tour! In this series, the Library will take you to different local sites of interest. We’ll explore these sites using the online resources available to all students and faculty through the Library databases, along with other accessible virtual resources. Join us this week as we explore Grouse Mountain.

Grouse Mountain, which opened as a resort in 1926, reaches a full elevation of over 4,100 feet. Grouse is only a short distance away from downtown Vancouver, making it more accessible than farther away mountain destinations within BC, and has been a popular local destination since it opened. If you are interested in visiting, Grouse has come up with an activity guide that lists all the different experiences offered by the mountain destination. 

The mountain was named in 1894 by a small party of hikers who encountered many grouse birds at the peak of the mountain and decided to name the mountain after the animals. Grouse Mountain began to become a popular hiking destination as the population surrounding the mountain grew. By 1910, thousands of people were coming to the area to hike up the mountain. Visitors continued to travel on foot to the mountain for many years until 1927, at which point both a road and a bridge to the mountain had been built to make it easier for prospective climbers to visit Grouse. As more visitors came, so did increased developments on the mountain; in 1949, a chairlift was built that saved climbers a hike of several hours. 

Left Image: Major James Skitt Matthews, Sunset from Grouse Mountain Chalet, 193?, photograph, City of Vancouver Archives,

Right Image: Stuart Thomson, First snow scenes on Grouse Mountain, taken for the Star,, November 17, 1929, photograph, City of Vancouver Archives,

Today, Grouse Mountain has become a popular destination for many types of people, with many people coming for the Grouse Grind, a hiking trail that takes visitors up 2,800 feet. Grouse also offers activities of all kinds, from dining and ziplines to riding the Skyride, an aerial tram that takes visitors on a tour of the mountain and nearby natural landscape. Grouse is also home to a refuge for endangered wildlife, including two grizzly bears – Grinder and Coola. If you are curious to see what the Grouse grizzlies are up to, you can check out Grouse Mountain’s Grizzly cameras for a live feed of the grizzly bears’ hibernation den and habitat! 


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