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Working Abroad and Embracing Diversity with Elle Lo

Written by Alexander College in Student Spotlight on April 24, 2019

In our latest #myAC Spotlight, we get to know our current Alexander College student,  Elle Lo.

Working Abroad in Asia and Europe

Elle shares her amazing story of working and studying abroad in Asia, Europe and North America. She lived and worked in renewable energy construction in Japan where she was a product manager. As time progressed, Elle decided that she wanted to earn a degree and hence, became a student again.

International Student in Vancouver Canada
A Group of International Students in Vancouver Canada

How she came to find Alexander College

Elle is a fan of YouTube videos and found out about Alexander College through watching other AC Spotlight videos;

“I actually watched the Spotlight videos and other YouTube videos about AC and it gave me an idea about what AC was going to be like. And I applied.”

Choosing to do Psychology as her degree is something she has been interested in since she was a child.

Why Canada?

Elle decided to come to Canada to find a new career path. She shares that Vancouver is a multicultural city and everyone can learn about each other. As well, she hopes new students learn to branch out and try new experiences while studying at AC!

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