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Working Towards a Career in Law with Hailey Yang

Written by Alexander College in Student Spotlight on September 18, 2019

In our newest spotlight feature, we chat with Hailey Yang who just got accepted into UBC after a year and a half at Alexander College.

Working in the Vancouver Legal system

Hailey shares more on how she decided to switch from a Psychology major to a major in Sociology instead. She attributes this change to Sociology being more in line with her goals of working in the legal system in Vancouver.

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The Benefits of being a Student Worker

During her time as a student at AC, Hailey worked as a student worker and loves interacting with her fellow staff and students. She shares that it has helped her build relationships with staff members and to work with different personalities!

Tips for New Students

Hailey believes that new students should try volunteering or becoming a student worker to better learn the local culture and lifestyle in North America.

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