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Exam Rules

  1. Alexander College student ID is required to write all exams. Other ID will not be accepted.
  2. No entry after 30 minutes, and no leaving the exam room for the first 30 minutes.
  3. No bathroom breaks. If you leave the room during the exam, your exam will be over.
  4. No cell phones or electronic devices in pockets (possession is considered cheating).
  5. Only writing supplies, student card and a beverage allowed on the desk. No pencil cases.
  6. No jackets, hats, bags or watches. All student possessions must be placed at the front of the room.
  7. No sharing calculators.
  8. Possession or use of information or materials not authorized by the instructor is cheating.
  9. No talking or other communication except quietly with invigilator or instructor.
  10. It is your responsibility not to appear to be cheating.

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