Alexander College is home to approximately 2,000 international students from more than 50 countries each year. We strive to foster a global learning environment and to provide a rich and diverse educational and intercultural experience for all students.

Why Choose Alexander College?

  1. Well qualified, fully engaged staff and instructors available to provide student-centered support.
  2. Small class sizes, with limits set at 35 students or less for all subjects.
  3. Full transferable courses within the BC Transfer System to colleges and universities within BC.
  4. Personalized academic planning and advising services.
  5. Free tutoring for all courses.
  6. Individualized support in the Writing and Learning Centre.
  7. Consideration of international course work and credentials.
  8. An urban experience, with campuses located in central Burnaby and Vancouver.
  9. Inclusive and interactive clubs, events, and indoor/outdoor activities.
  10. Affordable fees compared with public colleges and universities.