New AC Book Club

Written by Alexander College in Library Blog on November 2, 2018

For current and future AC Book Club members, there has been significant changes to how the club will be operating in the future. The Book Club is now known as the Reading Club. Here are some of the changes:

  • We are shifting the focus from books to any type of reading material. This can include magazine articles, comic books/graphic novels, and short stories.
  • We have created a group on Goodreads called the AC Reading Club. We recommend all members to create an account so they can also join the group. To receive an invite, email Raul Campos at or Gillian Blore at to receive an invite to the group.
  • We created this group to make it easier for students to be able to participate in Reading Club discussions without having to make the meetings during class hours.
  • The AC Reading Club group will have discussions on books, links to interesting articles online, and have polls and suggestions for what we read next!
  • Meetings will still happen from time to time. The times and place will be posted in group discussions. Drinks and snacks will still be free!

We hope that the new changes to the Reading Club will make it more convenient for students to enjoy reading to talk about what they’re reading with other members. Happy Reading!

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