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Written by Library in Library Blog on February 1, 2019

Due to software issues on the library computers, not all of them will have Python installed. We realize this may be an issue for CPSC students at AC so if you’ve been having trouble using Python on the library computers, there are online alternatives that allow you to code Python from the web. Here are few below:

Online GDB

Online GDB is a great resource that allow you to code, compile, run, and debug multiple programming languages, including Python 3.


Paiza provides and IDE to code in both Python 3 and 2. provides a coding environment in the most popular coding languages and also introduces you to other practical languages that you may not have heard of or seen before. Plus it looks great!


Code Chef is a simple and clean IDE that will allow you to code, compile, and run in Python 3.6

If you’re having trouble getting a grasp of Python or if you want learn new concepts and skills, there are tonnes of great online, free, and easy to find resources that are available to you. Simply go to your favorite search engine and enter “Python resources”. Here are some of our favorites:

A Byte of Python

Automate the Boring Stuff

Python Crash Course

Python Practice Book

Happy Coding!

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