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2 Years Duration
Undergraduate Degree
60 Credit Hours

The Associate of Science Degree is a two-year undergraduate degree offered by many institutions in the province of British Columbia and beyond. The Associate Degree program is designed to provide broad-based knowledge and experiences in preparation for entering the workforce, or as a foundation for further undergraduate study.

For full program description, requirements, and policies, see the Academic Calendar.

Our Associate of Arts Degree concentrations:

Our Associate of Science Degree concentrations:

Program Description

What You Will Learn

Students within the Associate of Science Degree program will gain multi-disciplinary knowledge of natural and applied sciences, and develop their critical thinking and research skills. The program provides a comprehensive learning experience that also allows students to customize and focus their coursework in an area of personal interest such as biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, or physics.

Students can also fulfill a significant portion of their course work requirements for first year engineering and engineering diploma programs.

Program Structure

The Associate of Science Degree is a foundational degree consisting of 60 credits in total, typically completed over a two-year period. The credits must include a minimum of 36 credits in science at first and second-year level in the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering physics.

What You Can Do After Graduation

Transfer to 2nd/3rd Year at a University
Upon completion of the Associate of Science Degree program, students may choose to enter the workforce or continue their undergraduate studies. An Associate of Science Degree may be transferrable to the third year of a four-year bachelor’s degree program at a university.

Some BC universities accept Associate Degree graduates at a reduced GPA requirement. For more information on the option of transferring to a university upon completion of an Associate of Science Degree, please consult the BC Transfer Guide or see an Academic Advisor.

Enter the Workforce
International students completing the Associate of Science Degree program at Alexander College are also eligible to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Develop Your Academic Skills

Our Associate of Science Degree Program will enhance skills as well as provide experiences and aptitudes in the following areas:

Knowledge of natural and applied sciences

Ability to apply scientific methods of inquiry

Proficiency in the interpretation of data and measurements

Understanding of real-world applications

Ability to express insight and to hypothesize based upon complex reasoning

Program Requirements

The Associate of Science degree program consists of the following course requirements, which must be completed with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater.

I. 6 credits in first-year English

II. 6 credits in mathematics

III. 36 credits in science which shall include:

  • 12 credits in first-year science
  • 18 or more credits in second-year science in at least two subject areas
  • 6 additional credits in science

IV. 6 credits in arts, science, or other areas

V. 6 credits in arts

Career Opportunities

A concentration in the Sciences provides students with the flexibility to explore a range of scientific disciplines while preparing for entry-level positions in a number of industries.

The degree can also qualify graduates for positions that demand greater responsibility than those achievable with a high school diploma.

With an Associate of Science Degree, students can seek entry-level positions in any industry that employs scientific exploration, such as biochemistry and biotechnology, fisheries and aquaculture biology, health, sports and nutrition consulting, medical research, pharmaceutical research, and environmental research and preservation.

Examples of positions in these sectors include, but are not limited to:

Agricultural and Food Science Technician

Environmental Protection Technician

Occupational Health and Safety Technician

Chemical Technician

Research or Laboratory Assistant

Career Advising Services at Alexander College

Resume Writing - Visit the Writing & Learning Centre (WLC) for help with resume writing. Bring a draft of your resume, and our WLC staff can help you to make it great.

Job Search - Visit the Library for help with learning to use job search tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top 5 questions about this program!

  • How many credits/courses will I need to complete an Associate degree?

    An Associate Degree requires completion of 60-64 credits, depending on the concentration area. Most courses carry a value of 3 credits, and some courses (e.g. laboratory sciences) carry a value of 4 credits. Most students will take 19 or 20 courses to complete an Associate degree. This assumes that all courses are passed and the program GPA remains 2.0 (C average) or higher.

  • How long will it take to complete an Associate degree?

    The average student will complete 30 credits (10 courses) per year, based on taking 3 courses each term (not including summer intensive term). At this rate, most students complete the program requirements in approximately 2 years of study.

    The exact duration of the program depends on various factors, e.g. the number of courses taken each term, the grades achieved in the courses, whether extra courses are taken during the summer term, whether the student has any transfer credit, etc.

  • Can I use transfer credit from another school toward an Associate degree?

    Yes! Alexander College is a member of the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT) and we have transfer credit agreements for thousands of courses offered by other institutions in BC. If you have taken post-secondary coursework at any accredited, degree-granting post-secondary institution in Canada or anywhere in the world, we can evaluate your coursework to determine if any credit from your prior studies can be applied toward your Associate degree.

  • Besides the course requirements, are there any other requirements to complete an Associate degree?

    In addition to the requirement to complete 60 credits in specific subject/program areas, the program also requires a minimum program GPA of 2.0 (C average). This average is calculated based on the grades obtained in all courses which are used to meet requirements of the degree.

  • What can I do with an Associate degree after I graduate?

    On completion of an Associate degree, graduates have several options:

    Transfer to Bachelor degree program – many institutions in BC and elsewhere will grant Associate degree holders priority admission and/or block transfer of 60 credits towards a Bachelor degree program.

    Entry into the workforce – use the skills you have obtained during your studies in an exciting new career. If you are an international student, you may also be eligible to apply for Post-Graduation Work Permit after graduation.

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