What is a Flexible Pre-Major?

A Flexible Pre-Major (FPM) is an academic program that consists of the  first and second year courses which students are required to complete in order to be admitted to a specific major at a university at a third year level. Students are advised that completion of a FPM program does not guarantee acceptance into their chosen major or degree program because acceptance also depends on students obtaining a competitive GPA and meeting any other admission requirements specified by the university and the faculty.

 University Transfer and Flexible Pre-Major: What Is the Difference?

Flexible Pre-Major program is a University Transfer (UT) program in a narrow sense. However, unlike other UT programs, it places a student in the third year of a four-year degree program at a university, while students in the UT program can be placed in the first or second year at the university depending on the number of credits they achieved at Alexander College and the eligibility to be admitted to a certain year of the Bachelor’s degree program.

In addition, UT students can transfer to a university without having to decide on their major until after they are admitted, whereas students in the FPM program declare their major prior to applying to the university.

There are currently two FPM programs available at Alexander College: Psychology and Economics:

Psychology Flexible Pre-Major

Economics Flexible Pre-Major

For more information about FPM programs and requirements, as well as FPM programs for other majors available at BCCAT member institutions, please see the BC Transfer Guide.