Registration for Fall 2019 Term Opens June 24-27

Written by Mandie Brooks in School News on June 13, 2019

Course registration for Fall 2019 term

Course registration for Fall 2019 term (September 3- December 17, 2019) will begin in Myac from June 24 onward. Students are assigned a registration date of June 24-June 27, based on priority registration which determines the order of course registration according to GPA, number of credits obtained, and other factors.

Assigned course registration dates will be published in the Myac student portal (Course Registration page) on Friday, June 14. Myac Login page:

Term class schedules will also be posted to the AC website on the same date. Term Schedule page:

The last day to register for Fall 2019 term is Friday, September 6, 2019.

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