Stress-Free Zone

Written by Alexander College in Library Blog on April 3, 2018

Stress-Free Zone

It’s the end of semester and final exams looming—we understand that it’s a stressful time. During exam week (April 12 to 17, excluding Saturday) drop by both campus libraries between 11 am to 5 pm to recharge and revive. We’ll have snacks for you to fuel your body and activities to give your mind a break. Our counselor Kerry Anne will also be available if you feel like a chat. Until then, here are a few suggestions you can try at home:

  1. Choose foods that have mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains and / or legumes (beans) in them. It may be easy to grab a doughnut or chips or pizza when you’re pressed for time, but you’ll feel better if you eat something that is packed with vitamins.
  2. Listen to music.
  3. Exercise, or at least get up and walk around or stretch. It’s easy to forget to move when you’re studying, but the resulting cramps and soreness can distract your focus.
  4. Sleep! Or at least make time for a nap. Even 10 minutes can refresh you.

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