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Important Update: January 18, Registration Deadline Extended | First 4 Weeks of Winter 2022 Term to be Delivered Virtually
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AC Athletics

The goal of Alexander College Athletics is to connect students from all over the world through activity and sport, and in doing so build a strong sense of pride as well as school spirit. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, AC Athletics encourages all students to participate in our sporting activities.

Currently Alexander College Athletics has a basketball team, the AC Explorers. In its inaugural season, we brought together students of all skill levels, and created a strong team that exhibited excellent work ethic and determination. Our team won its first game, showcasing that discipline and hard work pay off.   Our team currently practices once a week (days may vary per semester) and is always open to all students. We currently play intercollegiate games to compete against other local institutions.

Student playing basketball after school
college school basketball team posing for camera
Alexander College Athletics is also currently developing a Soccer team and hopes to have it launched for Winter 2020 term. The prospect for other sports to also join AC Athletics is open, including cricket.

Participating in college athletics is a great way to experience post secondary life outside of the classroom. It can help build confidence and create lasting friendships among students. AC Athletics strives to help cement a sense of community within Alexander College. It also provides students the opportunity to learn and develop skills that can be used in various facets of life.

For more information regarding joining an AC Athletics program, please contact the Student Life unit at