Getting to know the Alexander College Student Association (ACSA)

ACSA is a group of students united by a desire to make a positive and substantial difference in the lives of other students here at Alexander College. ACSA provides its members with regular and dynamic opportunities to get involved in event planning, budgeting, acquisition of resources for the student body, creating activities that help students positively engage with life in Canada, and helping their fellow students make new friends, create new connections, and generally enhance the student experience at Alexander College.

In addition to playing an integral role in the enhancement of life at Alexander College, students who participate in ACSA gain invaluable experience in leadership, developing initiatives, and helping shape the Association’s policies and processes. Membership in ACSA counts as volunteer experience and is eligible to be included in your Co-Curricular Record – a benefit to you, as it can greatly improve your application for further studies and your career interests.


ACSA conducts weekly meetings at our Burnaby campus (typically Fridays at 1:00 pm) with lunch provided. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to come out to these meetings for an excellent chance to meet new people and get involved with shaping your experience at AC for the better!

How to Join

Membership in ACSA is simple: come out and join the weekly meeting at our Burnaby campus  or email our Student Life Officer: Once at the meeting, you will be introduced to existing Association members and current opportunities to get involved. Remember that your participation with ACSA can count toward your Co-Curricular record!

Stay Updated

Check in regularly with the news feed on our AC homepage, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for regular updates about upcoming events, club activities, and other opportunities to get involved.

ACSA-Sponsored Events and Activities

Sporting Activities

ACSA regularly offers students a number of means to pursue their sporting interests. Students can participate in community sports by joining ACSA members within local intramural leagues, planned sporting events at local gyms (for example, basketball, badminton, soccer, bowling, billiards, and yoga), as well as many excursions into Vancouver’s exciting outdoors in sports such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.

Other sport-related activities include attending local games and matches, including hockey, football, and soccer games – something that is a regular and dynamic part of living in Canada.


Clubs at Alexander College are predominantly organized and run by students, for students. With funding and support from ACSA, new clubs are regularly being developed according to student interests. Current clubs include:

  • Film and Drama Club
  • Explorers Club
  • Conversation Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Japanese Club
  • Korean Club
  • Ski and Snowboard Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Billiards Club

For more information about our current clubs and how you can participate, simply email our Student Life Officer ( and take a look at the notice boards around both campuses.

Activities & Experiences

Life in Canada is full of celebration and things to do. On campus, ACSA offers numerous cultural celebrations and parties, providing students with the opportunity to experience Canadian culture as well as share and celebrate their own cultural heritages with staff, faculty and their fellow students.  As new interests emerge from our student body, ACSA responds with new programs and activities. Off campus, ACSA regularly organizes excursions for skiing or snowboarding at Whistler, hiking in the mountains, visiting cultural landmarks and museums, exploring local restaurants and clubs, and participating in sporting events.

There is much to do around Vancouver, and ACSA is the perfect gateway to help you explore and enjoy!