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Alumni Association at Alexander College

Alexander College is pleased to announce our plans to create the AC Alumni Association. Drawing on feedback from current and former students, as well as input from our staff and faculty, we aim to create a vibrant, helpful, and informative Alumni Association. This will continue to serve our students after they have graduated with an Associates Degree or transferred to another institution.

Our Alumni Association will provide former students with a number of excellent benefits, specifically tailored for its valued members:

  • Regular updates about Alexander College and its students via published newsletters and social media
  • Featured articles concerning AC students who have used their experience here to further their academic or professional goals
  • Continued opportunities for Career Advising, including resume building and enhancing interview skills
  • Access to some ongoing services provided by our Writing and Learning Centres
  • Exclusive opportunities to join exciting AC events around the Vancouver area
  • A social network aimed at supporting our former students as they adjust to new and exciting challenges
  • And much more!

We invite you to check back on this page and our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates as we approach the official launch of our Alumni Association.

AC Alumni Association Newsletters

Keep in touch with activities and new programs at Alexander College! Find out how you can continue to rely on our staff for assistance with career advising, resume building, and interview skills.

AC Alumni Association
Coming soon…

AC Alumni Association
Coming soon…