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Starting a New Club

Students, staff, or faculty who wish to create a club must first discuss with the Student Life Unit, ACSA senior executives, the details of the club with oversight by the Alexander College Executive Committee to ensure the proposed club meets the college guidelines listed below.

Here are some of the guidelines that need to be reviewed prior to creating a club:

  1. Purpose: What is the reason the student, staff, or faculty wants to form a club?
  2. Does the club conform to our school’s policies and ethics (making sure the club does not promote any form of hate, is dangerous, offensive, or potentially creates any form of conflict among other students)? AC Website for more information:
  3. Does the student or staff have leadership support (from peers) in running the club (often, one student or staff member will not have enough time and commitment to pushing their club), if not, what strategies does the student or staff have in recruiting and promoting more members into the club?
  4. What kind of events does the student or staff have in mind regarding the club?
  5. Sufficient written interest in the associated club with a minimum of 4 signatures from students that will participate. The same applies to a staff-led club.

You can read more about about club guidelines in our Club Manual.
Once you have established the above details, please complete the club application form below.
Once it has been submitted, the Student Life Supervisor will be in touch via email. Please note that completing this form does not mean that your club has been approved.

Club Application Form

Before you can start your club, you must first fill out a club application form. Once you have filled out the form, the Student Life Officer will be in touch with you to schedule an appointment to further review your application.

Club Application Form

Deadline for starting a New Club

Alexander College has 4 terms per year, and in two of those terms, Winter and Fall, new clubs can be formed until the end of Week 4. For the Spring term, new clubs can be formed until the end of Week 2.
Lastly, for the Summer term, a club can be formed until the end of week 1. If any new club submissions happened after those deadlines, they will be considered for the next term.