I am having trouble settling in to College life. Is there someone I can talk to?

Alexander College is pleased to offer a variety of activities, events and clubs to students during their time here. For more information, please visit James Durante at the Vancouver Campus or by email at rebecca@alexandercollege.ca

What kind of clubs does Alexander College have?

Clubs at Alexander College are predominantly organized and run by the students.  With funding and support from ACSA, new clubs are regularly being developed.  Students are encouraged to take on a leadership role and form a new club that would be of interest to students at the College.

Clubs provide students with extra-curricular activities and help them become more involved in the AC community.  Clubs welcome new members at any time throughout the year.

The following clubs are active during the Winter 2017 Semester:

  • Adventure Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Conversation Club
  • Drama Club
  • Film Club
  • Fitness Club
  • Foodie Club
  • Music Association
  • Study Club
  • Volleyball Club

If students are interested in starting their own club or joining a club, please contact the Student Life Officer, Rebecca Spruston at rebecca@alexandercollege.ca for more information.

How do I join a club?

Current answer: Clubs are organized and run by students, with new clubs developing according to student interests. Please meet with Rebecca Spruston at the Vancouver Campus or email her at rebecca@alexandercollege.ca if you would like to start a student club or find out about activities.

How do I get involved in the Student Association?

The executive council of the Alexander College Student Association (ACSA) are elected at the beginning of each semester by student vote. Candidates organize their speeches to gain the support of fellow students, and the voting stations at each campus open for approximately three days. Each student of Alexander College is entitled to one ballot, and a student ID card is required at the voting station. Finally, the vote is closed, the ballots are tallied, and the elected council is announced. The ACSA is responsible for ensuring that the current fee of $20 per student per semester is appropriately budgeted for and wisely spent for the benefit of Alexander College students. Please contact Rebecca Spruston rebecca@alexandercollege.ca for more information.

I saw a poster about an event that looked really fun. Where do I sign up?

The Student Life Officer organizes events and experiences for groups of students. You can see Rebecca Spruston at the Vancouver Campus or contact her rebecca@alexandercollege.ca more information.