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Dilraj attended Alexander College for a year, and has now graduated with an Associate of Arts Degree.

How did AC help Dilraj Succeed?
“Leaving family and friends was the hardest thing when I came to Canada. If it hadn’t been for Alexander College, I wouldn’t have been able to cope with this stress. Everyone was so friendly. Education in Canada is also very different compared to education in India. Getting good grades was a struggle at first, but the Writing Services made it possible. I can never forget what the Tutors did for me.”

“Alexander College offers many services which help students with Career Counseling, Academic Counseling, etc. These services provide the upper hand and help students get through difficult times.”


Kaitlyn was the President of Alexander College Students Association. She completed one and half years of full time studies in the University Transfer Program and she is applying for the third year of UBC Commerce currently.

How did AC help Kaitlyn Succeed?
“AC is like a warm family to me. As an international student, I acquired mass of assistance from my teachers, stuffs and faculties, and they are always very nice to me. After being the president of the Alexander College Student Association (ACSA), I have built relationships and have gotten experience in leadership and teamwork. My ability has enhanced and it was helpful in legitimizing my extra-curricular for my Personal Profile.”

“Join different activities and do volunteer jobs; make a lot of friends to expend your social net work; follow your instructors’ instructions all the time and always ask questions if you do not understand.”

Matthew Gao

Matthew is a former Alexander College Students Association President. He completed one year of full time studies in the University Transfer Program before being offered a spot in the Commerce program at UBC.

How did AC help Matthew Succeed?
“AC provided all the courses that I needed to complete my transfer to UBC. Academic counselors were really helpful in terms of getting me practical experience and proper career goals. The instructors were helpful and available for all students since class sizes were not too large.”

“Studying is the most important part, but being an active member of society is integral. Being the president of the Alexander College Student Association (ACSA) has helped me build relationships and get experience in leadership and teamwork. The co curricular record that Alexander College provides was helpful in legitimizing my extra-curricular for my Personal Profile.”

Naoki Kitamura

Naoki was awarded the Outstanding International Student Award valued at $5000 upon entrance to UBC.

Naoki is a former Alexander College Student Association Vice President of Finance. He was a regular participant in all College events and the co-founder of the Alexander College Language Exchange Club. Naoki was a student here at AC for one year and after completion of his degree at UBC, he wishes to open his own business.

How was your experience at AC?
“The students in the university transfer program were very helpful to one another. I built solid friendships with other students who had similar goals to my own. With these bonds we worked together in many aspects of the College including the students association and many different clubs and workshops. Because of this, Alexander College has been the best school in terms of transferring to a major University.”

“Don’t focus solely on your studies, expand social networks and get involved. There are many staff members at Alexander College who want to help you to achieve this.”

Lala Shajareh

Lala studied for over a year at Alexander College and was an active member of the College community while maintaining a part time job

How did AC help me succeed?
“The good thing about Alexander College was the sense of belonging I had when I first came here. The staff were kind and helpful and the instructors were great in helping me understand concepts in my classes. I spent a lot with instructors in open office hours, getting their advice on what I could do to be successful.”

Advice for other students?
“I found Alexander College was the best school to study English for transfer to major Universities. I also found that the tuition at the College was quite competitive when compared to other institutions.”

Miao Yu

Miao was accepted into the MBA program at TRU after he completed the Alexander College Pre-MBA Program. He only attended the College for about a year, but managed to take a heavy course load, completing them all with a high average and gaining acceptance to the University of his choice.

How was your experience at Alexander College?
“Alexander College — the road to university starts here. With this theme, I started to achieve my dream; which was to transfer to the TRU MBA program. During one year of study, I completed 15 courses with reasonable grades. Thanks to all of the Alexander College staff, they worked hard and were very patient with me and with all of students at AC. Each of the instructors is knowledgeable and responsible; they treat students as their friends and teach students as much as they can. It does not matter if you are at the Downtown campus or Burnaby campus, all of students can sit in the comfortable rooms to acquire knowledge. Furthermore, the location of both campuses is quite convenient.”

“I have some suggestions for the pre-MBA students; they may be useful for your future study. First, to make a perfect plan is important; some of the courses cannot be chosen before finishing the prerequisites. Second, do not be shy to ask instructors questions that confuse you, a small misunderstanding may lead to a huge problem. Third, you have to listen carefully and study hard. Overall, Alexander College is a great place to achieve your dream.”

Signem has been at Alexander College for 2 years. She has been working a part time job while going to school full time and receiving exceptional marks. In the next few months, she plans on getting her permanent residency status in Canada and working for a while before returning to University for a full bachelors degree in Business Administration from either SFU or UBC

A few words from Signem
“I had a great experience here at AC; I have already graduated from a university in Turkey and found AC to be a much better experience. The teachers were fantastic and I will be using them as references for my further studies and employment opportunities.”

Janice Liu

Janice has attended Alexander College for the past two years. She started her studies in the EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Program and worked her way up to the academic level. Janice was also an integral member of the Alexander College Students Association.

How was your experience at Alexander College?
“The experience was very exciting; I am new to Canada and was nervous about meeting new people. After attending the College for some time, I made many new friend groups and am happy to say that these friends will also be coming with me to UBC. I found Alexander College small to begin with, but after I started at the college, I found the teaching staff and support staff were very helpful. They helped me significantly with my transfer and home stay.”

“Stay focused. AC has a great opportunity to transfer, but you must take it seriously. Join the clubs, they are important for transfer and for building social networks in Vancouver.”

Fall 2015 Convocation Ceremony Messages

aman-sharma sanampreet-kaur carla-casillas
Aman Sharma Sanampreet Kaur Carla Alejandra Ruiz Casillas
Thank you Alexander College for this honour. I congratulate my fellow students. I am thankful to all of my instructors who helped me achieve this goal. I want to thank all of my classmates, instructors, tutors and staff members who supported me during this journey. Alexander College gave me most of my greatest experiences in Vancouver; making me feel at home.
varinder-singh ritesh-vaid tie-liu
Varinder Singh Ritesh Vaid Tie Chen (Sean) Liu
First of all I am very happy today because I am a graduate today. Due to all of my instructors’ effort and my friends I am at my convocation. Thanks to all my instructors who made this day happen. Thanks and love you all. My friends and teachers really helped me during my studies. I want to say thanks to everyone. I want to say a special thanks to Mr. Wayne Melvin, he really encouraged me to do well in my studies. Don’t give up!
varinder-singh-2 simranjit-dhindsa amritpal-singh
Varinder Singh Simranjit Singh Dhindsa Amritpal Singh
Thanks to all the great Instructors & the teachers of the Writing and Learning Centre; because of their efforts I accomplished this achievement. Bahman, Wayne, Scott, James, Brian and Lindsey; Thanks a lot. Studying at Alexander College was fun, the way of teaching was fun too and of course the learning also. I will surely miss this and my teachers, especially Mr. Bahman and Mr. Wayne. Thanks. Thanks to all instructors and staff for providing me with vast knowledge.
 amandeep-kaur  gurb-sandhu
Amandeep Kaur Gurbhagat Singh Sandhu
Thank you to my biology instructor Mitra Panabi. She is really nice and is an awesome instructor. Alexander College is the best college and the staff is really nice and supportive. Thank you Lindsey for helping in my studies.