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At Alexander College, our primary aim is to provide students with an excellent learning experience. Research and experience have shown that students who make use of learning support services tend to perform better in their academic studies. The reason is relatively simple: learning support services help students become better learners.

Moreover, Alexander College remains committed to improving the student holistically through empowerment, engagement and lifelong learning. We provide numerous services at both campuses designed to help all students. Regardless of their current abilities, academic or otherwise, we aim to enhance existing skills and develop new strategies for successfully navigating the Canadian post-secondary education system and society as a whole.

As such, the Student Support Division at Alexander College, employs the following Mission Statement and Core Themes as its guiding principles to ensure positive student outcomes:


The Student Support Division at Alexander College strives to holistically enable and empower students through equitable access to educational resources and services, supporting students in personal and professional development while maintaining an inclusive and positive environment.

Core themes:

  1. Student empowerment and success
  2. Inclusivity and accessibility
  3. Community building and outreach
  4. Engagement and citizenship

Alexander College students are able to access a variety of free support services at both campuses.

Office 365 Quick Start Guide

Welcome to your new Microsoft Office 365 student account, offered as a benefit of your enrollment at Alexander College. This Office 365 Quick Start Guide contains essential information that you will need to begin using your new Microsoft Office 365 account and make the most of its features.

Office 365 Quick Start Guide

Writing and Learning Centre

Our Writing and Learning Centre (WLC) is a major hub of learning support services at Alexander College. Staffed with Subject Area Specialists and Academic Writing Instructors who cover all current subject areas, our WLC team works diligently with our students..

The Writing and Learning Centre


Stocked with a constantly growing and dynamic list of print publications, and a click away from access to literally millions of subscription online articles, ebooks, films and many other electronic resources, our libraries at both campuses are the ideal place to help you pursue your many interests and to get started on projects and assignments for your courses.


Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR)

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at Alexander College operates in a fair and just manner by upholding the institution’s values and guaranteeing that all students have an equal opportunity to thrive academically. We offer support services to create a positive and equitable learning environment for all students while upholding their rights and responsibilities. Students can contact us with questions regarding accommodations, appeals, bereavement requests, deferrals and complaints. Among other administrative matters, the SRR also oversees both behavioral and academic aspects of Student Conduct and disciplinary processes.

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Services

Whether you’re an incoming, current, or departing student at Alexander College, the Student Services department can help you identify academic concerns, access academic and emotional support services, and offer opportunities to help prepare you for experiences beyond Alexander College.

Student Life

Our Student Association (ACSA) supports numerous clubs each term, and tailors to helping students help students. Simply check in on the notice boards at either campus.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is much more than simply helping you choose the right courses for graduation. Our Academic Advisors can assist you with identifying your academic interests and preferences. As well, they can help you learn new strategies to overcome the challenges you face in your academic career.

Academic Advising

IT Helpdesk Support

The IT Helpdesk supports Alexander College students with basic troubleshooting questions about their computers and software issues.

IT Helpdesk Support

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Instructor Office Hours

A quick look at any course outline will reveal that our Instructors for all University Transfer courses (e.g., ECON 103, MATH 105, etc.) hold regular office hours to help you, the student, with your courses.

Personal Academic Success (PAS)

PAS Plan (Personal Academic Success Plan) is intended to help students create a “roadmap” for their studies. By filling-out a PAS Plan, students recognize what is hindering them, more clearly envision their goals and learn more about the resources available to help them succeed.

IT Helpdesk Support

The IT Helpdesk supports Alexander College students with basic troubleshooting questions about their computers and software issues.

To get in touch with the IT HelpDesk, you may phone or email during regular business hours.

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am- 5:00 pm PST.

By Phone: 604-558-6198

By Email:

Scope of Service:

  • Assistance with general questions
  • Assistance with document formatting
  • Basic troubleshooting steps for internet connectivity
  • Basic troubleshooting steps for applications, webcam and sound
  • Instructions on installing software for college related work
  • Directions on how to install software for antivirus scanning
  • Troubleshoot and direct to other supports as necessary

*Please note that Alexander College is not liable for computer hardware or software issues.

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