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An online application is now available on Alexander College’s new student portal, myAC. Continue to the application process here: Apply to AC

Our Services for Career Advice at Alexander College

Resume Writing
Visit the Writing & Learning Centre (WLC) for help with resume writing. Bring a draft of your resume, and our WLC staff can help you to make it great.

Job Search
Visit the Library for help with learning to use job search tools.

Helpful Web Resources
This is a link to UBC’s website. You can click on the subject/major of your choice and get some insightful information on what opportunities there are with different Degrees.
This is a career resources website. This is based on the United States (which may not be where you are seeking to establish your career), but is still relevant to you because has some very interesting tools and assessments.

Job Boards

Volunteer Opportunities

Many job candidates enhance their eligibility for employment through volunteering. Volunteering can give you an opportunity to develop skills are relevant to employers. Opportunities for volunteering can be discovered in the following websites: