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Want to work during your scheduled breaks? Find out how!

Did you know that you can take the Summer Intensive term off as a study break?

Immigration and Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) allows students to take a break in their studies according to the school’s Scheduled Breaks policy. IRCC’s policy on Scheduled Breaks can be found here.

Alexander College considers the Summer Intensive term a Scheduled Break. Our policy on Scheduled Breaks can be found here:

While there are a small number of condensed classes offered during the summer months, the Summer Intensive (July – August) is not considered a regular term for the purposes of study permit or work permit eligibility provided that the student is enrolled, full-time, in both the term prior to the break and the term following the break.

What are the benefits of taking a study break in the summer?

  • Catch up on rest and restore your energy so that you can perform better in the regular terms
  • Take a vacation, visit home, etc.
  • Work full-time, off-campus (up to 40 hours per week)