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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I forget my student card for an exam?

    You will not be permitted to write an exam without your student ID card. If you forget your card, you may request to issue you an ID verification form for the day at the front desk. Please note that you can apply for an ID verification only once during your studies at AC. If you had already applied in the past and forget your ID card again, you will not be issued another one and you will not be permitted to write the exam. You will be required to go home to get your ID card (30 minute exam rule still applies) or make a new one at the library for a fee.

  • What if I miss an exam or arrive 30 minutes after an exam has already started?

    In both cases you will have to apply for a Final Exam Deferral. Please read more about Final Exam deferrals here). If you miss / arrive late for an exam for a legitimate reason (e.g. medical condition), you must notify your instructor of inability to attend final exam, fill out form, pay a fee at the bookstore, attach evidence. Deferral requests with medical notes issued after the exam date will be denied.
    Non-legitimate reason (e.g. misread exams schedule., forgot exam time, slept in) – no arrangements will be made

  • When are final grades available?

    Instructors are required to submit final grades by a certain date each semester. Please check the Academic Calendar for the dates.

  • Can I look at my exam after I receive my final grade?

    Final and Midterm exams are stored for 12 months. If you wish to look at your exam, you can send an online request to the library and be notified when the exam is available for viewing. Please note that it might take from 24 hours to a week until your exam is available for viewing. Final exams are stored at the Vancouver campus and will be held for 7 calendar days since the day it became available, as requested.

  • Can I re-write an exam?

    Unfortunately, no exam re-writes are allowed.

  • What do I do if I disagree with my final grade and would like to appeal it?

    Please read more about appealing your final grade here (OSA)