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Creating a Printing Account

Use Alexander College’s printing management system called Papercut. To use AC printing services you must register for an account.

  1. Register as a new user Here
  2. Click “register as a new user” and fill out the information requested. *Please remember to take note of the username and password.
    1. Using the username and password log in to PaperCut.
    2. Click “add credit”
  3. Students then use PayPal to add funds to their account, funds can be added via credit card or visa debit card
  4. Funds can be added in the amount of $5, $10, or $20.
  5. Students are responsible for managing their own accounts.

Managing Your Account

It is your responsibility to manage your AC printing account. Login to your printing account Here.

Printing and Photocopying


  1. Open the document you want to print.
  2. Click print, then ok.
  3. Enter your printing username and password.
  4. Your document has been sent to a virtual queue; go to any of the library printers.
  5. Either swipe your student card (if you have set this up) or click “use alternate login.
  6. Enter in your PaperCut username and password to the printer.
  7. Press “print” next to the documents that you want to print.


  1. Go to any library printer;
  2. Either swipe your student card (if you have set this up) or click “use alternate login.
  3. Select “use copier.”
  4. Select “copy.”
  5. Either put your document in the paper feeder on the top, or open up the lid and place your document face-down on the screen.
  6. Change to the settings you require and press “print”

Please make sure to pick up all documents.


You must have a printing account set up to scan. You will also need a USB drive. Please see a Library staff member for help with your scanning needs.

Using Your Student Card to Print:

Once you have set up your account you can link your student ID card to your printing account.

  1. Go to any of the library printers.
  2. Use the black mag-card reader to swipe your card.
  3. The printer will as you if you want to authenticate your card, click Yes.
  4. Enter in your printing username and password press ok.
  5. You should receive a message telling you the authentication was accepted.
  6. You can now swipe your card at the printers to release your printing jobs!

If you need help, please visit the reference desk.

Printing Cost

Printing and photocopying: 8.5 x 11 size paper – $0.15/per printed side.

Scanning: Free, however you must have a printing account to use the scanning service.


It is your responsibility to tell the library staff of any issues you may have. Library staff are not responsible for any printing errors. Refunds will only be issued by the librarians and library assistants on a case-by-case basis when technical issues occur. Please speak to library staff for more information.

Old Accounts

Accounts will be deleted after being inactive for one year. Inactive accounts will also forfeit any remaining funds.

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