Important Update: October 22, Winter 2022 Course Delivery Update
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The Research Process

Step 1: Read assignment outline carefully & know what kinds of resources you need to find.
Step 2: Do some background reading on your topic, so you know what your topic is about. Use textbooks, the internet, or the library search page to find contextual information. You may need to narrow your topic at this point.
Step 3: Make a list of keywords that relate to your topic
Step 4: Go to the library website, and type in your search terms.
Step 5: Make sure you know how to limit your results, so that you see which articles will be the most useful for your topic.

Research Guides

How-to Guides

The following guides are to assist you with understanding some of the different services the library offers, for more information please contact either campuses librarian.

Research Activity Worksheets

Below are some activity sheets you can use when learning how to research. Follow the research steps as outlined at the top of this page and use these worksheets to learn the skills. If you have questions, please contact the Library.

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