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Research Guide: Biology




Title Author Call Number Book Cover
Anatomy & Physiology Saladin, Kenneth S. QP 34.5 .S23 2010
A Short Guide to Writing About Biology Pechenik, Jan A. QH 304 .P43 2007
Campbell Essential Biology Simon, Eric J. QH 308.2 .C343 2010
Ecology: Concepts and Applications Krebs, Charles J. QH 541 .K67 2009
Essential Cell Biology Alberts, Bruce QH 581.2 .E78 2019
Genetics Brooker, Robert J. QH 430 .B766 2009
Henderson’s Dictionary of Biology N/A QH 302.5 .H45 2005
Human Biology Johnson, Michael D. QP 34.5 .J646 2008
The Blind Watchmaker Dawkins, Richard. QH 366.2 .D37 1987
Hacking Darwin Metzl, Jamie Frederic. QH 437 .M48 2019
The Origin of Species Darwin, Charles QH 365 .O2 2004

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These e-Books are available in the online library collection. Click the link to access the resource.

Title Author Publication Date Permalink
The Origin of Species Darwin, Charles & Gillian Beer 1996 Link
Biology Napier, James 2017 Link
Evolutionary Biology: Conceptual, Ethical, and Religious Issues Thompson, R. Paul. 2014 Link
Philosophy of Biology Sober, Elliott 2009 Link
Synthetic Biology and Morality: Artificial Life and the Bounds of Nature Kaebnick, Gregory E. 2013 Link
Biology: Molecules and Cells Campton, John 2016 Link
Physics and Biology: From Molecules to Life Desbiolles, Pierre & Jean-François Allemand 2015 Link
Biology Terminology BarCharts, Inc. 2013 Link
Conservation Biology: Evolution in Action Fox, Charles W. & Scott Carroll 2008 Link
Genetics: Everything You Need to Get Started Napier, James 2012 Link
Biology of Sex Mills, Alexander Matthew 2018 Link
Genetics and Philosophy: An Introduction Griffiths, Paul and Karola Stotz 2013 Link
Human Growth and Development Cameron, Noël 2002 Link
Biological Aspects of Human Health and Well-Being Shartava, Tsisana 2011 Link
Current Topics in Human Genetics: Studies in Complex Diseases Deng, Hong-wen and Hui Shen 2007 Link


These handbooks provide easy to digest information and facts about topics covered within biology.

Henderson’s Dictionary of Biology (2005) edited by Eleanor Lawrence
This biological dictionary can be found at the Burnaby Campus Library under the call number QH 302.5 .H45 2005.

The Dictionary of Cell & Molecular Biology (2007) edited by J.M. Lackie
A comprehensive dictionary of cell and molecular biology. It provides clear and concise definitions for anyone working in or studying life sciences. It can be accessed here.

Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals (2009) by J.G.M. Thewissen et al
This encyclopedia contains entries on all marine mammals including the taxonomy, animal sociology, interaction with humans, behaviour, and other topics. It can be accessed here.

Encyclopedia of Biological Invasions (2011) by Dr. Daniel Simberloff and Dr. Marcel Rejmanek
Encyclopedia of Biological Invasions addresses all aspects of this subject at a global level—including invasions by animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria—in succinct, alphabetically arranged articles. It can be accessed here.

The Handbook of Nature (2012) by Frank R. Spellman and Joan Price-Bayer
A reference handbook that covers many different fields from geology and meteorology to biology, zoology, and botany. Each chapter includes further resources and recommended reading. It can be accessed here.

Articles & Databases

Open Access Resources

Open access resources are resources that are available to everyone for free online. Links here will lead to sites where you can download textbooks or access journals related to Biology.


Anatomy and Physiology by J. Gordon Betts et al.
This textbook was created for a two-semester human anatomy and physiology course for life science and allied health majors. The book is organized by body system. It can be found here.

Online Open Genetics by Todd Nickle and Isabelle Barrette-Ng
This textbook examines the scientific study of genetics. It includes the study of genes, themselves, how they function, interact, and produce the visible and measurable characteristics we see in individuals and populations of species as they change from one generation to the next, over time, and in different environments. It can be found here.

Microbiology by Nina Parker et al.
This textbook covers the scope and sequence requirements for a single-semester microbiology course for non-majors. The book presents the core concepts of microbiology with a focus on applications for careers in allied health. It can be found here.

Concepts of Biology by Charles Molnar et al.
This textbook is a survey text, directed at those not majoring in biology or new to the subject. It can be found here.

Environmental Biology edited by Matthew R. Fisher
This textbook is intended for a college-level audience and covers environmental issues from a biological perspective. It can be found here.

Biology 2e by Mary Ann Clark et al.
This textbook was designed to cover the scope and sequence requirements of a typical two-semester biology course for science majors. The text provides coverage of foundational research and core biology concepts through an evolutionary lens. It can be found here.

Open Access Journals

Other Resources

Virtual Biology Lab
Virtual Biology Lab is a free, online educational resource provided for educational purposes.

Khan Academy: Biology
Khan Academy is an excellent resource to prepare yourself for biology courses.

Association of Professional Biology
The Association of Professional Biology (APB) represents Biology Professionals in British Columbia.

How to Cite

Assignments written for Biology courses usually use the APA rules for formatting. APA handbooks are available for your reference in the library or at the Writing and Learning Centre. Online WLC guides can be found here. You can also book an appointment with the Writing and Learning Centre for workshops and one-on-one citation help.