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Research Guide: Sociology


SOCI 100, SOCI 103, SOCI 210



The textbooks that follow represent the most current physical holdings available in the library for your particular course. This list, however, should not be considered exhaustive, so make sure to visit the library catalogue to explore the many other valuable resources that the library has to offer.


Sociology 100 Library Resources Library Call Number
Blau, Judith R., ed. (2004) The Blackwell Companion to Sociology. Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub. HM 585 .B53 2004
Brym, Robert J.(1995). New Society: Sociology for the 21st Century. Toronto: Harcourt Brace Canada. HM 51 .B78 1995
Jenkins, R. (2002). Foundations of Sociology: Towards a Better Understanding of the Human World. New York : Palgrave. HM 585 .J464 2002
Kivisto, Peter. (1998). Key Ideas in Sociology. Thousand Oaks, California: Pine Forge Press. HM 19 .K519 1998
Macionis, John J. (2011) Sociology. Toronto : Pearson Canada. HM 586 .M325 2011
Schaefer, Richard T. (2009). Sociology: A Brief Introduction. Toronto : McGraw-Hill Ryerson. HM 586 .S324 2009
Tepperman, Lorne and James Curtis, eds. (2004) Sociology: A Canadian Perspective. Don Mills, Ont. : Oxford University Press. HM 586 .S636 2004


Sociology 103 Library Resources Library Call Number
Clement, Wallace. (2008). Canada’s rights revolution : social movements and social change, 1937-82. . Vancouver: UBC Press. JC 599 .C3C54 2008
Curtis, James, and Edward Grabb. eds. (1999). Social Inequality in Canada: Patterns, Problems, and Policies. 3th ed. Scarborough, Ont. : Prentice-Hall Canada. HN 110 .Z9S6 1999
Hiller, Harry H. (2000). Canadian Society: A Macro Analysis. 4th ed. Toronto, ON : Prentice Hall Canada. FC 97 .H55 2000
Kallen, Evelyn. (2004). Social Inequality and Social Injustice: A Human Rights Perspective. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. HM 821 .K35 2003


Sociology 210 Library Resources Library Call Number
Kendall, Diana E. (2003). Sociology in our Times. Toronto : Nelson. HM 585 .B53 2004
McDaniel, Susan. A. (2004). Close Relations: An Introduction to the Sociology of Families. Toronto : Pearson Prentice Hall. HQ 560 .M28 2004
Ritzer, George. (2004). The McDonaldization of society . Thousand Oaks, Calif. Pine Forge Press. HM 706 .R58 2004
Steckley, John. (2010). Elements of Sociology: A Critical Canadian Introduction. Canada : Oxford University Press. HM 586 .S84 2010
Tepperman, Lorne and James Curtis, eds. (2004) Sociology: A Canadian Perspective. Don Mills, Ont. : Oxford University Press. HM 586 .S636 2004

Subscription Articles and Databases

Academic Search Premier
This scholarly resource contains indexing and abstracts for more than 8,500 journals, with full text for more than 4,600 of those titles. PDF backfiles to 1975 or further are available for well over one hundred journals, and searchable cited references are provided for more than 1,000 titles. Academic search premier provides unmatched full-text coverage in biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, psychology, religion and theology, among other fields.

Canadian Reference Centre
This database includes Canadian periodicals and international periodicals in full text and full-text reference books. It also includes thousands of full-text biographies and an image collection of thousands of photos, maps and flags, including images from Canadian Press. Canadian Reference Centre is useful for research on Canada, and current events in Canada. It also has numerous sources for research on Canada’s international involvement. The database has over 66,000 full-text biographies, over 960,000 photos, maps and flags, and more than 86,000 images from the Canadian Press.

eBook Academic Collection
This database provides full-text access to over 79,000 academic texts and monographs, with its collections being updated consistently. Regardless of your discipline, here you will find appropriately scholarly resources suitable for inclusion in your academic papers. Citation formatting and exporting through email is also provided. This resource is also available as an iPhone app.
This database includes over 1.4 million journal articles, books, technical papers, policy papers, and other education-related materials. Many of these education journals are peer-reviewed. This database is a great source for Department of Education publications and conference papers, as well as materials related to current education topics.

World Book
This subscription-based, comprehensive encyclopedia offers a suitably academic alternative to the commonly used and less reliable open-source online resources such as Wikipedia. World Book sets an academic standard for providing accuracy, objectivity, and reliability in research materials for students that meet the highest standards of editorial excellence while keeping pace with the technological developments that define the computer age. World Book is an industry leader in the production of award-winning encyclopedias, reference sources, and digital products for educational institutions.


Citation Guidelines for Writing in Sociology

All essays written for Sociology courses use the American Psychological Association (or APA) rules for formatting. Updated links to APA standards for typical sources can be found the Citation Style Guides page. For a more comprehensive understanding of APA citation, handbooks are available for your reference in the library.


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