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Research Guide: Spanish




Title Author Call Number Book Cover
Larousse Unabridged Dictionary: Spanish Larousse PC 4640 .L276 2008 Alexander College Spanish Subject Books

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These e-Books are available in the online library collection. Click the link to access the resource.

Title Author Publication Date Permalink
Camino al Español: A Comprehensive Course in Spanish Andrés Martínez, Consuelo de 2004 Link
A Reference Grammar of Spanish Batchelor, R.E. and San José, Miguel Angel 2010 Link

Articles & Databases

Open Access Resources

Open access resources are resources that are available to everyone for free online. Links here will lead to sites where you can download textbooks or access journals related to Spanish.


Hola a Todos: Elementary Spanish by Mariana Stone et al.
Hola a todos is an open access textbook that includes grammar and vocabulary pre-class activities, lectures, and post-class homework. You can access it here.

Libro Libre by Erin Huebener
Libro Libre is an introductory Spanish textbook created by Erin Huebener at Spokane Community College. It can be accessed here.

Elementary Spanish 001 by Ana Ivette Serrano
Elementary Spanish 001 is an elementary Spanish textbook from Penn State University. It can be accessed here.

Spanish I by Lumen Learning
Spanish I is an introductory Spanish textbook that can be accessed here.

Wikibooks: Spanish by Wikibooks
Spanish I A wikibook that covers all of the major grammar rules and offers exercises and plenty of examples as well as vocabulary and phrases. You can access it here.

Other Resources

Spanish Grammar in Context
Spanish Grammar in Context includes detailed grammar explanations of the Spanish language. Each topic is explained using video examples and quizzes are available in an open Canvas site.

SpinTX Video Archive
SpinTX provides over 500 short video clips and transcripts of Spanish speakers in Texas. You can search by topic, language features and speakers.

Memrise – Spanish
Memrise uses images and audio to help users memorize vocabulary. It is interactive and saves your progress.

Duolingo – Spanish
Duolingo provides audio and text exercises for practicing Spanish. It can be accessed via the website or you can download the app to any mobile device.

How to Cite

There is no one citation style used in SPAN. Online WLC citation guides can be found here. You can also book an appointment with the Writing and Learning Centre for workshops and one-on-one citation help.