Obtain a Card

In order to obtain a student card, students must present their government issued photo identification to the Librarians or Library Assistants at either campus. The only forms of ID that will be accepted are a BC identification Card/BC Drivers License or a Passport. Cards are provided free of charge, and can be picked up within 5-15 minutes (wait time may increase during busy periods).

The Student card will serve as a student’s Library Card and must be presented to borrow library materials.

Students cards are also needed to write midterm and final exams. No other forms of id will be accepted by the college.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost or Stolen Cards should be reported to the library. To obtain a new card a replacement fee must be paid.

Replacement Cards

Replacement cards are issued at a cost of $25, tax included. To obtain a replacement card students must pay the fee a the bookstore and present the receipt at the library along with a BC identification Card/BC Drivers License or a Passport.

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