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Academic Appeal (to appeal an Academic Alert)

Deadline to submit: 10 business days of the notification of Academic Alert or until the first day of the next term, whichever comes first.
Processing time: 30 calendar days (expedited to 10 business days for appeals submitted for an academic alert that could result in suspension or expulsion).
*Please submit your completed form and supporting evidence to the Office of Student Affairs by email:

Academic Appeal Form [PDF form, available for download]

Alexander College stands by academic integrity and ensures that its students adhere to the same values. Being formally accused of plagiarism has significant consequences to the course in which you are enrolled and, potentially, to your academic life. More information about Academic Integrity as well as about the consequences of an academic alert can be found here.

If you received an academic alert and strongly believe that it was filed against you in error, you may file an Academic Appeal. The Academic Appeal form is available at the front desk and online (above). The form, together with attached evidence, must be submitted to the front desk within 10 business days of the notification email from the Writing and Learning Centre. Appeal forms without evidence will be denied automatically.

Below are the examples of an acceptable evidence to attach when appealing an academic alert:

  1. Outline, drafts, notes, etc. – for the assignment that resulted in Academic Alert;
  2. Printed (or pdf) articles used for this assignment. Highlight the quotes and paragraphs in the original articles that you used to write your paper;
  3. Previous assignments (essays) for other courses (marked by instructor);
  4. Assignment requirements as received from instructor;
  5. Any other proof that may be important to make a decision about the academic alert.

The presented evidence will be carefully considered before the final decision is made. You may be invited for a meeting with a Student Affairs Officer should they need any clarification. If you do not submit the required evidence, your appeal will be denied.


Office of Student Affairs: