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Deadline to submit: within the first three weeks of a new term.
Processing time: 5 business days.
*Please submit your form to the campus where you took the course. Failure to do so will result in delay in processing your appeal.

Accommodation Form

Not everyone is the same in terms of their abilities, and sometimes in order for a student to be successful in a course, a student will need some help to meet the basic expectations of the class. If you are coming to the College with some kind of a barrier or disability, whether this is medical, physical or cognitive, the Office of Student Affairs coordinates with yourself, the staff and faculty to make sure that you can do well in your classes. We don’t share your personal information, but we do find means of connecting you to the resources you need to be successful in your studies.

Examples of Accommodations offered by Alexander College include but are in no way limited to:

  • Providing a note taker in class
  • Allowing for extra time on exams, tests and quizzes
  • Providing adaptive technologies to help you in class (for hearing, vision, mobility, etc)
  • Offering 1:1 tutoring services
  • Ensuring exemption from formal attendance requirements / tardiness
  • Providing a separate, isolated location for the purpose of examination

The official college policy on Accommodations is:
“Students who have a disability or medical/psychological concern (e.g., a chronic illness) that may affect their attendance or participation in class must establish their need for accommodation with the Director of Student Affairs by the end of the third week of the term. If the student does not notify the administration in time, no accommodations will be granted for the student during that term.

Each student applying for accommodation will be considered individually, on a case-by-case basis, with respect and confidentiality. Instructors will make provisions as mutually agreed upon by themselves and the student.”


Student Affairs Officer: Tatiana Alamian,

Director of Student Affairs: Scott Marsden,

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